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Trailing Arm Crossmember - 63-72 C10

This trailing arm crossmember is a direct replacement for all 63-72 C10's with factory trailing arm suspension. Using 3/16" steel, it's made in the USA and provides a more aesthetically pleasing crossmember, while providing adjustability. This crossmember can be positioned back 1", and when paired with our trailing arms, it offers even more adjustability. 

This crossmember includes adjustable trailing arm pivot mounts that allow you to change the pinion of the rear end. This will accept stock trailing arms or aftermarket ones such as our own. 

3/16" Steel
Fully Adjustable for Pinion Angle
Can Be Set Back 1"
Will Work with Bagged Suspension

Trailing Arm Crossmember
Adjustable Trailing Arm Pivot Mount
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